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KuGuNi.com started by Anumakonda Brothers on 13th Oct, 2009.

A unique way to share your findings to the world.

1. Create a user-id (Required only for the first time).
2. Login to KuGuNi.com.
3. Click on Updater
4. Set a heading.
5. Upload a image if any (Optional).
6. Add your information.
7. Click on update web-site button and wait for the approval to get the content published.

EasyCode.KuGuNi.com helps the developers to code.

easycode.KuGuNi.com is the world's first website to publish more than 1000 sample sources written using C, Cobol and Pascal programming languages on the day one and it is continuously updated. All these sources are written by KuGuNi.com team and are open source for all KuGuNi.com users. Sources found here range from simple to complex programs and is useful for all range of software engineers working on these technologies.

www.KuGuNi.com/Forum is a community to exchange views, thoughts and knowledge.

www.KuGuNi.com/Forum provides the users a platform by which users can exchange their views and share their thoughts that would help other members of KuGuNi. This community has many default categories and users can also create their own category and can start a new discussion (or) add their comments on the existing discussion.

Contact Us: KuGuNi@gmail.com

Write to us for any support, sugggestions, issues and clarifications.

Thanks & Regards,
Prasad Anumakonda

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