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Exaggeration by TV channels

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A Target Rating Point (TRP) is the component used to estimate the target audience within the gross audience. Indian Television Audience Management (INTAM) is only agency currently available in India to perform the calculation to derive TRP of each of the television channel/ programme. Television is a sub-branch of Information Technology that broadcasts media for movies, education, news, sports…etc. Advertisers use the TRP to known the popularity of the channel and based the TRP rating the cost of advertisement is decided.

Each channel has their own trend to plan programme to get the higher TRP and attract advertisers. The competition among the channels has increased and trends of the channels are changing at higher frequency and values are left aside. We can categorize the channels in two types, a news channel is there to create a positive environment and let the people know what is happening in the world and show the reality and let the people decide what is correct and wrong and on the other side the entertainment channels are there for amusement of viewers provided the rating of eligibility of viewership (Adult, Children, Family…etc.)
Exaggeration is the current trend followed by all the TV channels to increase the TRP.
Neither the entertainment channels nor the news channels care about the values. Reality shows are created with no reality and news is created from gossips. Recently I was watching a show for the selection of singing competition and the auditions of all the singers is done by three judges. Initial auditing can be done by listening to their voice on CD, but the auditing is done face to face and the best part of the show to increase the TRP is to exaggerate the bad and controversial scenes that took place at the auditions. This show is rated to be number one in TRP in India. Sex scandals, Religion and Regional fights, Gossips…etc... are the most that we can see in a news channel in the recent times. Recently, I have seen a news channel highlighting that this scandal is first shown by us and the other channel highlighting the video is exclusive in our channel. News channels are good enough to create scandals or gossips to increase the TRP.

Channels are more concerned about the presentation but not in the content.

I don’t know if we can see a healthy competition in the channels by keeping up the values and more concerned about the content rather than presentation. It is up to us now to stop watching and promoting the exaggerated shows and gossips, keep the future generation in a healthy and good environment to live-in.

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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