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Corporate, College & Campus Interviews

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Software Corporations in India are among the leading corporate in the world. Corporate in India is in competition with multinational companies and at the best showing up a new culture of business outsourcing for Information Technology (IT) enabled services. In the recent years, the development is more than the expectations and recruitment in these companies is taken more than 70 degree angle from year to year since 2004. All these corporate had taken the mass recruitment as challenge and Human Resource (HR) played a key role in conducting walk-in for the freshers, who are just out from the college. Quickly, the trend has been changed from walk-in to college campus-in to get the best students from the college and the cost and the effort is reduced comparatively.

Colleges offering the technical courses are increased exponentially to cope up the competition in these courses. Offerings are increased and standards are decreased and culture of age old education is kept the same. Technical courses are of practical oriented and more of logistics but the bossism of the head of the departments, lecturers and leaner behavior of the students to get good marks by obedience remain to be the same. It is really hurting sometimes when we think of why do the practical/ project is there in the college? And how it is dependent on the impression that one has created during the course of behavior or theoretical marks?

HR at corporate sector started entering the college campuses; colleges have taken-up the initiative by creating placement cell to get the corporate to the college and marketing department to get high donations from students. Competition between the colleges is increased in terms of profit making and not in terms of quality of education and this trend is continued to an extent by which the marketing department used the campus recruitment as offering to the student and donations are bid between the students. Placement officers use the part of the donations and part of the money collected as bribe from students to the corporate HR and decides the campus interview recruitments. This has really turned bad way in the corporate sector where the real capability and worthy are not recruited and in the colleges, education has become a profit making company.

Corporate should take necessary action and develop a process which is transparent and clear enough to be bribe free. Academics percentages and college feedback is important but should not be the filter criteria. Colleges should take an innovative approach which is beneficial for the student in terms of providing quality of education and not in terms of making profits. Education is divine and is not a profit making company; keep this at least away from corruption.

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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