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Letters to Juliet : Pretty Cool Movie

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Movie Duration: 1 hr. 45 min.
Writers: Jose Rivera, Tim Sullivan
Directed by: Gary Winick
Casting: Amanda Seyfried (Sophie in movie), Gael García Bernal (Victor in movie), Vanessa Redgrave (Claire in movie), Christopher Egan (Charlie in movie) & Franco Nero (Lorenzo in movie)

"Letter to Juliet" is a pretty cool movie with no twists or surprises with a full of happy moments, with a nice ending, don"t make you think and a stress reliever.

Sophie is on pre-honeymoon trip with her fiancé Victor - a workaholic. Naturally, Victor makes the vacation into a working trip for his new restaurant and Sophie is unhappy about this and on the course of the trip, she finds the home of Juliet where the heart-broken woman writes letters to Juliet and volunteers so called the secretaries of the Juliet replies back to the letters. Sophie finds 50 years back letter from Claire and volunteer to reply back to the letter and her reply made the Claire come back with her grandson Charlie and search for the love Lorenzo with the help of Sophie. What happens next? (watch it on big screen)

Target Audience: This movie is all for those who look for a good entertaining movie with NO logic and the best movie for all the couples.

KuGuNi Notes: Don"t decide the movie based on the review, just watch and promote your voice...

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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