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Predominant Western Culture

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      The Culture is the lifestyle in which way we are living with norms, customs & values. Western Culture is the culture that has developed in the Western world; precisely it is the modern culture of Western Europe and North America. It is the culture that is been influencing many people in the current society of our country India. The influence of the western culture has gone to the extent in the current society where people are out of Indian culture which is considered to be the first civilized culture of the human society. Indians stopped thinking of Indian culture and it has been disappeared.
One is identified uniquely by one’s culture. Dress and Food habits take the first place when we talk about the culture. Indian dressing has a unique value in the world for its dressing for its design and comfort created by the way the person is dressed based on the work and gender. As we see in today’s lifestyle the dressing has been changed a lot even we cannot notice the difference between the men and women and even the Indians might have forgot the traditional way of dressing in Sari(Saree) and Dhoti. Indian food has spices that are natural cure for many diseases and creates resistance over many allergies that we see in the current environmental changes.

      We can see western culture bringing changes in our day to day life from food to habits. It even brings the distance between the parental and martial relations. No one care about anyone, only thing that matters is self…

Every culture has good and bad. Indians are dominated by castes in the culture while the western are not cared about the human values and relation. Every culture has its unique identification by the good, unless we get rid of the bad in our culture and observe only the good in any other culture we are might put our country in some dangerous hazards with no care for future. It is that we use the western culture up to the thing it is required and it is not that we should adapt to it and move according to it. As we see in many of the countries says that Indian culture is the best culture and they use to follow the Indian culture but we Indians just forget the Indian culture and getting attracted to the western culture and moving according to the bad in it. If you take the example of China, they do follow the western culture but they preserve their good culture for future generations. Every Indian should question himself is he preserving the good in the culture and following only the good in other cultures.

      Finally, it is not that we should not follow the western culture but we should not get adapt to the bad in it and should not forget goodness in our Indian culture.

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Pavan & Kishore

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