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Hello Readers,
You might have experienced many bad incidents that can be taken up to consumer court but because of lack of awareness of consumer laws or time factor might have limited you in taking forward the issue. There are many instances where I thought of taking it up to consumer court but because of lack of time, slowness in response, already heavily floated cases at consumer court...etc stopped me in going forward.

So, I just thought of creating a database which can be updated and shared. Please update, share and let know your feedback.


Yet another initiative from KuGuNi.com: Update your bad experience with Vendors, Corporate, Doctors, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Politicians, Political Parties..etc @ KuGuni Blacklist DB. Know, Share and Protect yourselves from Blacklisted @ KuGuNi.com

I request you to spare 5 minutes and update at least one incident that you have experienced. Your 5 min can help someone around you, just prove that you are one among those who care about others...

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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