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Freshers/ Laterals Interview Questions : HR Chapter

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Human Resource(HR) round for an interview for fresher or lateral is the deciding factor for the selection of the candidate. It is important that candidate prepare well ahead and ensure that the expectations of the HR are met.

What is expected from HR round?

The answer is simple, evaluation of attitude of the candidate. Though the attitude doesn"t imply the direct answer or evaluation of the candidate but it will be the output parameter of the HR round representing Bad, Fair, Average, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

Questions asked by HR manager are to know the answer for the following,
- Confidence of the candidate.
- Strength of the candidate.
- Weakness of the candidate.
- Ability to mingle in Team, Team player?
- Gratitude of the candidate.
- Learning ability.
- Communication Skills.
- Patience.

Any HR round starts with a common question, Tell me about yourself?
- 90% of the selection criteria of the HR round is decided on the answer to this question.
- Just ensure that you cover all the points mentioned above in the answer.
- Try to focus on the strengths and show confidence.
- Never exhibit the weakness, but be ready to accept if any and should be projected as good one ( Something like presentation fear weakness helps me to be more cautious and lets me prepare well before the presentation and ensure that I am ready to answer any question.
- Tell about the project or area in which you have shown excellence with less period with good learning and communication skills.
- Don"t exaggerate and stay cool and always be patient with simple smile with confident looks.

A few question comes up based on the above answer. Lets say that the HR manager didn"t find the answer for the question whether you are a team player or not in that case he will try to put up a question like "PM assigned work and asked you to lead the team and complete the work by end of day today",

What would be your immediate answer to the Project Manager(PM)?

- The answer to this question is not straight forward (YES or NO). The expected answer is simple, I will get back you by

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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