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Freshers Interview Questions : Technical Chapter

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Unlike laterals interview, fresher interview is targeted only to know the confidence, determination and understanding of a fresher on different verticals of software industry.

Technical Classification of verticals,
- Operating System
- Programming Language
- Web Technology
- Database Technology
- Network

Interviewer starts up with an initial question to know on what is your education and projects that you have worked on.

When you are asked this question you should understand that the every each technical word shall trigger a new question relative to that word. Fresher should be more cautious and try to exhibit only the technologies that he is confident of and also, shouldn"t try to exaggerate on what he knows...

For example, I worked on X project as part of my academic career which involves Z architecture with P,Q & R technologies and my module on which I did work involves Q technology...I am interested in -- technology and I am strong in working with --,--..

The above answer lets the interviewer to trigger the question on your interested or strengths of the technologies mentioned.

Most of the interviewer asks, you to rate yourself on a specific technology?

This answer sounds quite weird, but this is to ask questions based on the rating you set. Letís say, Fresher answered that I rate 7 out of 10 on C programming then the complexity of the questions to be asked is set to 7 and the interviewer checks if the fresher answers at least 7 out of 10 questions. Rating less than 7 and answers more questions let that that your confident levels are low and also, rating more than 7 and answering less number of questions tells the interviewer that you are over confident.

When you are asked a question on a specific thing that you don"t know, just don"t get panic.
-Be patient and try to put it on paper and think for a while...most of the time we know the answer but we don"t get it because of nervousness.
-If you think that you don"t know the answer just ask the interviewer I am not clear, can you please clarify...
-If you think that the interviewer is diverted to technologies that you not worked on then you can always say that my knowledge is limited to x,y...technologies. This will guide the interviewer to ask question on specific to those technologies.

Being a fresher, you should get in touch with the basics of all verticals and always ready to answer the following question in your words but not the textbook by heart definitions.

A few of the many basic questions,
1. What is a Programming Language?
2. What is an Operating System?
3. What is Structured Programming?
4. What is Object Oriented Programming?
5. What is a Network?
6. What is ISO Network Model?
7. What is Three Tier Application?
8. What is a Database?
9. What is relation database and object oriented database?
10. What are Codd"s 12 rules for relational database?
11. What is an algorithm?
12. Can you write an algorithm to sort or search number using ---- algorithm?
13. A few puzzles - Interviewer don"t always expect the correct answer but sees the approach from you, like how you attempted the answer - try to put it on paper, think, ask clarifications, having discussion...etc

Simple formula to success in an interview is to always stay cool with positive attitude.

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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