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Teenmar - Movie Rocks

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Actors: Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Krithika...
Directed by: Jayanth
Music by: Manisharma
Release date: 14th April, 2011

First half of the movie is outstanding with good dialogues from Trivikram and the second half is slow and pickup towards the extraordinary climax. Overall the movie rocks.

Pawan is pretty good with his performance in the two roles and the steps in the song "Basti Dorasini" is a feast to everyone.

Cinematography of the movie is good, Chiguru Bonia is picturised very well.

Just Enjoy.

KuGuNi Notes: Don"t miss the fun of watching movies by reading the entire stories and get influenced by the writings and don"t decide the movie based on the reviews just watch and promote your voice.

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Brother2

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