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From RGV to Poonam Pandey

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The most talented director of Indian movie industry Ram Gopal Varma(RGV) is very well know for his controversial statements to get the attention and free publicity for him and his movies. Recent times it has become a trend for everyone in Indian movie and model world to get the attention from media and increase their own rating at free of cost. Poonam statement on Indian world cup is an example of the same.

From RGV to Poonam, has used the controversial statements to get the attention but one has to wait and see if there is any reality in the statements. The goodness of RGV is that he straight forwardly agrees that whatever he says is just for the promotion and whatever he does just drama and the reality is only his movie. Hats off to his frankness, attitude and loyalty to his producers for free publicity on movies. The others, Poonam are following the same trend set by RGV has got the attention but not completely able to took the advantage of the attention is the known fact. We need to wait and see if Poonam still stick to her statement or creates new controversial statements to get the attention from media but the matter of fact is that Poonam should remember is that she don"t hurt the feelings of Indian sentiments which could have negative impact on her career itself.

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