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Convert your computer internet to Wifi

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Now, you can share your internet on your computer or iphone into wifi and can be easily made available to everyone using wifi enabled devices. No additional software installation is required, all we need is just create a new wifi connection using existing cable or 3G connection.

In Windows Vista:

* Go to control panel
* Open the Network and Sharing Center.
* Set up a new connection called a wireless ad hoc network.
* Give a name and setup the desired security options.
* Deselect, Save this Network.
* Finally, Turn on Internet Connection Sharing.
* Now wifi is enable from laptop

In Windows XP:

* Click on Control Panel and open up Network Connections.
* Click on your wireless connection
* Click on select Properties.
* On the Wireless Networks tab, check Use Windows to configure my wireless network setting.
* Under Preferred networks, click Add, and name your network.
* Select shared, and provide a password.
* Click the Advanced button and select Computer-to-Computer (ad hoc) networks only.
* Go back to the Network Connections control panel and open the Properties dialog for your wired internet connection.
* Go to the Advanced menu and check the box next to allow other network users to connect through this computerís internet connection.

In iPhone 4 - iOS 4.3:
* Go to settings
* Tap on personal hotspot and switch it to on
* Wifi connection will be alloted (Change the defaul password if required)
* Now, Search for wifi on any wifi enabled device to find "yourphonename"s Iphone 4"

In Mac OS X:
* Open System preferences
* Click on internet sharing from the list of services
* Select the source internet connection (Ethernet)
* Select the destination internet connection (Airport)
* Click on the airport options
* Provide a network name, enable encryption, enter password and click ok
* Search for new networks on any wifi enabled device

In Windows 7:
* You can download the microsoft virtual wifi drivers here (32 bit, 64 bit ).
* Create a Wifi connection by runing the following script in cmd,
   netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yourwifiname key=yourpassword
* Start the created wifi connection by runing the following cmd,
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
* Go to Control panel
* Open the Network and sharing center
* Select your internet connection
* Click on properties
* Under sharing tab, Check on other network users and select a new wireless network.

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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