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Finally, Is Telangana really required?

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Finally, Is Telangana really required?
Hmm, as per my understanding, Telangana is not all about the development but it is about identity. People of Andhra Pradesh are known by “Andhra” and it is cornering the people from Telangana region and is used by the corrupted politicians for their personal aspirations.

Is there a solution for these strikes in Telangana?
Yes, there is no immediate solution that can be implemented but the state of Andhra Pradesh can be renamed to “Telangana” as the first step to work towards the solution.

History & Analysis:
Hyderabad state being a Muslim-governed when India and Pakistan gained independence wished to join Pakistan but considering the problems as the state is surrounded by new Union of India left as an independent country. “Operation Polo” by the Indian Army was commenced with Indian troops invading Hyderabad and Nizam surrendered on 17th September. A gentlemen agreement has been made between the leaders of all the regions for the formation of Andhra Pradesh.

Telangana region is developed well when compared to the many other regions like Srikakulam region in Andhra Pradesh. But when it comes to the matter of fact that Telangana is a region with immense natural resources with around 15 Lakh acres irrigation land, Godavari 1154 TMC, Krishna 550 TMC, thousands of acres of unused government land…etc can be optimally utilized for better development. The leaders of Telangana are not dynamic enough and more of self oriented and it is proved by their presence shown in assembly since the independence. The separate Telangana statehood with no proper leadership shall worse the conditions in this region.

Telangana statehood claims are really true…?
Claim 1: Land exploitation, Andhra business man and politicians acquired the lands from farmers at fewer prices and selling now at higher prices.

It is called business, every Indian has the right to purchase the land and sell the land in India and it won’t be resolved because of statehood. I don’t agree that it is only Andhra business man and politicians, every greedy investor do investment in land. Indian government should propose a strict rule on the purchase and sale of lands in the country.

Claim 2: Irrigation projects exploitation, Jala Yagnam, Pothireddypadu, Polavaram projects ...etc are done for the benefit of Andhra region by exploiting the resources of Telangana region.

Do the leaders from the region of Telangana are sleeping in assembly or corrupted..? Any project against rules can be stopped legally and separate statehood is not required and don’t help in any way as long as leaders take the advantage of innocence of people.

Claim 3: Natural resources and environment, Sand and granite are auctioned is used for the benefit of entire state and rapid growth in the pharmaceutical industries around Hyderabad has polluted water and soil. The Tax income for pharmaceutical companies is used for the benefit of entire state but not for the people of Telangana region.

Millions of dollars of loan is taken by the government of Andhra Pradesh for the development of Hyderabad; the loan is for the entire state and is never only for the region of Hyderabad. Polluting natural resources is a crime being part of Andhra Pradesh also and it can be taken up if the leaders from the region of Hyderabad are really not corrupted.

Claim 4: Cultural Discrimination, in movies Telangana spoken people are mostly villains or comedians but not heroes and Telangana culture is never promoted in the state.

Telugu cinema is initially dominated by the people of Krishna district and most of the Heroes are from the same community of Krishna. The truth is that all other regions Godavari, Srikakulam...etc are also used only villains or comedians. No culture in India is under promotion and is dissolved slowly with the influence of western culture. Promoting socialism in ourselves and encouraging people from all communities shall resolve the issue but not the separate statehood.

Claim 5: Jobs and Education, jobs in Telangana are acquired by people of non-Telangana regions and literacy rate is low when compared to non-Telangana regions of Andhra Pradesh.

In the recent 10 years there are only private jobs and these jobs are given on the ability of the person and his education background. In Hyderabad, there are many people came from the north side of the country and working here. We can see Andhra people working in Hyderabad with less CTC when compared to other metropolitan cities because it is near to home. Literacy rate don’t increase by separate statehood but only by promotion of importance of education. The current strikes in the region of Telangana have worsened the literacy rate and it is done by the leader of Telangana only. There are many regions in the state of Andhra Pradesh which are much backward when compared to the region of Telangana in literacy and economical growth.

Fight against corruption for better living in our country India.

Let go of the Corruption, please India!
Save India from Greedy Investors

Just think of how can we standup our leaders on why can’t they able to provide better living to the people of our region when they could give to their family members..?
List out the economical status of all the leaders and their children educational status in America, we all get to know the answer…

Jai Hind

Note: This article is all about my understanding and my opinion based on what I inferred from media. Share your comments...

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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