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Bad Critic Reviews from Wanted to Rowdy Rathore

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In spite of all bad reviews on Telugu remakes Wanted to Rowdy Rathore, movies rocked at the box office. These two movies are refereed as routine sambar spice by most of the critics of Bollywood. I think these critics don"t know that sambar is for Tamilnadu and not for Andhra Pradesh(AP). A mango pickle spice is for AP and these movies rocked at the box office for a reason.

Wanted not only changed the body language of Salman but also get him back in the track of hits with a bang and the same for Akshay Kumar...Rowdy Rathore has variations with two different charecters to prove himself and get back in the track of box office....

One thing that didn"t strike me is, Why bad reviews for these two movies?

But, I am happy that audience didn"t follow the reviews of critics for these two and made them box-office hits. We should look forward on similar change to telugu reviews also...It should be audience who should decide the movie but not the critics...This shall save the producers money in bribing so called movie critics.

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Brother2

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