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I do pay taxes for…?

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I am an employee working for an IT company in India.

I do pay taxes as it is mandatory deduction at source and I can’t avoid it like any other business man showing loss, any other politician showing his income and properties on fake citizens, any other NRI who is not required to pay for his income earned in other countries, any other political/ business man routing black money outside the country to invest in Singapore/ Malaysia/ USA/ UK/ Australia/ or any raising economy country and can redirect to India as a tax free income.

I do pay taxes as it is used for the benefit of the development of my own India. I am not sure on how much percentage of my tax is used in the right way. I know government of India has introduced a beautiful right – Right to know information act. But, unfortunately there is no act introduced to empower the citizen of India to use the tax for the benefit of the country as per his/ her wish.

I do pay taxes and it is used to develop the roads and railways to connect the places. Hmm, places where I can’t afford to buy a house to live-in and but, fortunately for the place where I can rent-in till I have a job.

One fine day, I lost my job....I know that government is not going to return my taxes or save my life or help me to get other job or……Hmm! I don’t have to pay any taxes for the benefit of X. No more seeding for the trees whose fruits are not available to me/ us (The true living citizens of India.)

A Simple solution to raise economy and living standards in India is Income tax on worldwide income. Let us kick out all who are directly or indirectly or legally or illegally living on us.

A true citizen of India always end up paying taxes from the hard earned money in India and with no savings but creating an environment for the politicians and NRIs money laundering investments in real estate and commodities.

Did anyone ever give a thought the reason why there is no tax on worldwide income…?
I did give a thought but not sure…don’t know…sadly, is it possible?

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