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Save India from Greedy Investors

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Standard of living and Growth rate of the country is measured against the gross domestic product (GDP) or the gross domestic income (GDI) which reflects the overall economic output of the country. The economy of the country is directly proportional to the smartness of the investors. Investment of the investor can be done in a right way by choosing the decision which would contribute to the growth of the country or can contribute to the depreciation of the economy by benefiting some of the greedy investors.

There are two kinds of investors
1. One who puts the investment to help or benefit others by which they get returns as savings for future – Live and let others live investors
2. One who puts the investment at the cost of others life by which they get returns as savings for future – Live and let others die investors

Every investor who contribute their investment to the purchase of limited commodity just to block for the increase of price come under the second category “Live and let others die investors”.

Land is one such limited commodity in heavily populated India for which every greedy investor ready to put their investment. India occupies 2.4% of the world land area and 15% of the world population. The lifetime desire of most of the Indians is to have their own house and is left like a desire only. Last few years the reality market in India has increased not in terms of productivity but in terms of cost taking the desire far away from Indians. So, who are all the people blocking the land and setting it for no use? Yes it is true that all wealthy NRI (Non Resident Indian) shall take the first place followed by the corrupted politicians and officials. One basic thing that we can understand from the corruption is that land is just the safe way of investment with no proof of corruption. NRI invest on land to make his life easier if at all he come back to India or sell them once the price is increased but they are forgetting the basic thing that they are planning for an easier life at the cost of lives in India for whom it is just left as a desire. Finally, NRI, please stop greedy investment in Land and do the right investment which would the help India, Indians and you.

I propose a strict rule from government to increase the tax on the unused lands to a very high percentage or take the lands and use them in a right way for agriculture, industries, corporate sectors and housing and also, every property under the name of any person who is not the resident of India from the last six months should be sold if it is not used in the right way.

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: Kishore

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