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    • CommentAuthorbrother2
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2011
    Any one has idea,
    why the IT shares are in roller coaster ride since the last year after the recession?
    why the gold price is up all of a sudden in the current month?

    As per my understanding,
    IT shares are impacted by dollar value by which the most of the billing is done by the clients and the profits are largely impacted by the US dollar value. I didn't see any change in the dollar value and we still have a good exchange by which companies can project good profits in the coming quater. There might be a degrade in the US rating but how come it impacted too much without direct change in the exchange value. I think there is some gambling going with the current shares with roller coaster ride and I am confident that these IT companies shall comeup with good profits in the current quater. I suggest to hold the IT shares.

    Gold is stable last year and is all of a sudden up to 2700 from 2200 in just a month which is not a true up. The steady increase is always at 45 degree angle if it is more than that it is something to do give hype on the purchase of gold and shall come down for sure like silver. Stay away from gold for sometime...

    Do you agree...?
    • CommentAuthorbrother2
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    Gold Price is down by 2000 as expected by us and soon we shall observe surge in IT shares...