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    • CommentAuthorbrother2
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2012
    1. Check the existence of the memory leaks by constant monitoring of the process using the command svmon -P process-id
    2. Increase in memory confirms the existence of the memory leaks.
    3. Check the allocations which are not freed/ deallocated/ deleted using one of the following tools,
    a. PurifyPlus
    b. mallocdebug
    c. probevue
    4. Report of the these tools have the stack-trace of functions from which the allocations are done and are not deallocated.
    N5. malloc()
    N4. memoryalloc()
    N3. createobj()
    N2. processfunc()
    N1. main()
    5. Using the identified stack trace, identify the right function for deallocation based on the usage and scope of the variable starting the analysis from N5 level, N4 level...till the right position for fix is identified.