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    • CommentAuthorbrother1
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2010 edited
    The recent market analysis has shown that the real estate market has come down drastically in Hyderabad and not recovered since the recession period and T-Issue added fuel to the fire and came down and there is no recovery shown and may continue for a longer period. Purchases and Sales for the purpose of investment in Hyderabad came down to zero and it is only the real buyers showing the interest to purchase the flat to live-in which is a good sign.

    2BHK is the general preference for the live-in shown by the buyers in the current situation and Price ranges between 15-25 Lacs including ammenities. As per the current trend prices are as follows in the different area of Hyderabad.
    Place - Price range in Rs per sft
    Madhapur - 1900 - 3000 Rs per sft
    Kondapur - 2200 - 3200 Rs per sft
    KPHB - 1900 - 2500 Rs per sft
    Pragati Nagar - 1400 - 2000 Rs per sft
    Miyapur - 1700 - 2300 Rs per sft
    Gachabowli - 1900 - 3200 Rs per sft
    Manikonda - 1900 - 2400 Rs per sft
    Bachupally - 1500 - 2000 Rs per sft
    Nizampet - 1400 - 2000 Rs per sft

    The recent massive constructions took place in the above mentioned areas and the min and max price varies on the facilities provided and reliability of the builder.